Back to School: Static versus dynamic typing

TU Delft, Delft / 15-01-2014

Ook in 2014 komen we weer terug met de Back to school-meetings (lees meer). Op woensdag 15 januari zijn we welkom op de TU Delft om te luisteren naar Stefan Hanenberg die zal vertellen over zijn experimenten op het gebied van statisch versus dynamisch getypeerde talen.


Although type systems are around for some years and while type systems are always a hotly debated topic among developers, the amount of actual knowledge about the usability of statically or dynamically typed languages is relatively small. This talks gives an overview of a running experiment series that compared different issues of type systems: static vs. dynamic type systems, impact of type casts, impact of type systems on API usability, etc. The goal of this talk is to show that there are in the meantime facts in this discussion that should not and must not be ignored. But the talk also discusses the limitations of these experiments and discusses the possible future of these experimental approaches

Stefan Hanenberg

Stefan Hanenberg received a PhD in the area of aspect-oriented software development and works since 2006 as a lecturer for the University of Duisburg-Essen, Germany. His main research interest is the empirical evaluation of programming language constructs and in particular in the empirical evaluation of static and dynamic type systems.


17:30 Ontvangst en eten

18:30 College

19:45 Pauze

20:00 Discussie

21:00 Afsluiting en borrel

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